Guided tours at Goaz Froment

The association “Les amis du Manoir de Goaz Froment” has decided to cancel the guided tours for 2020, as well as the group visits. Indeed, it is not possible for us to disinfect the interior of the manor before and after each visit, as well as to speak to 20 people who are at least one meter apart.

We want to keep the quality of the visits and we have made these choices with regret.

Access to the property outside visits is strictly prohibited, we thank you for your understanding.

Immerse yourself in the history of a Renaissance Mansion in Trégor.

Guided tours by the owners of the locality, the quarry, the linen routers, the manor (the staircase tower, the lower room)  

Why a manor at this place?, What is the rupture of the architectural style of the Gothic manor at the Renaissance manor?, How did we live there and how do we live there today?, The passage from the manor house to the agricultural exploitation. As many subjects as the owners will tell you with passion. 

duration : 1 à 1 1/2 heure, arrival 15 minutes before the visit

adults 5 € 

- 18 ans 2 €

- 12 ans gratuit.


Concerts in Goaz Froment

update for 2021 in progress


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